Leadsaber.com READY10K - Coming in Spring 2018

Fresh contacts from fast growing firms.

We analyze companies by looking through historical spending data to identify key indicators that show potential for growth. This year we have selected diverse companies active in different markets.

Markets targeted for the 2018 READY10K database:
Wind power and turbine hardware, construction software, construction hardware, organic agricultural technology, brewing and distilling equipment, semiconductor assemblies, safety devices, promotional items, adhesives and abrasives, and enterprise network hardware.

These won't be the companies that we see on store shelves, but rather the firms that find markets supporting trending areas, companies looking to spend their marketing dollars to make an impact.


No subscriptions.
The READY10K database is published yearly, and there is never a subscription fee.

Companies/organizations 10,000+
Email addresses 22,558
Linkedin profiles 55,319
Facebook profiles 5,604
Twitter accounts 4,695

Download a sample (50 records) .

CSV file formats (opens with Excel or other spreadsheet program):

JSON file format (for your developer)

Mailstripe email marketing software is included.

3 month access to our email marketing tool. Mailstripe lets you use email marketing style designs in your regular email client or mobile device. You don’t need any special email services, there are no per-email fees, and the email is always coming directly from a ‘real’ outbox — your personal account.




Ready10k Sample Data
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Smart1000 Data (1000 profiles)
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Ready10k Email and URL Data
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Ready10k Full Dataset
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