Get them in your pipeline
before they get on the plane.

Leadsaber provides innovative lead-gen services.

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Engage leads pre-show
Send them a single use code to be redeemed at your booth for fun stuff. Set up multiple giveaways where attendees are notified by email. Throw a secret pop-up party for attendees who submit badge scans. There are plenty of ways to get creative. Single-use/multi-use offer codes can be used to target high value leads or track promotions and so you’ll know where and why your ideas are working best.
Turn-key contests
We handle sweepstakes rules, choosing a random winner, and fulfilling the delivery. You get your leads at any time from the cloud, or download as a spreadsheet. We build a mobile-friendly and responsive web app for your sales reps, booth staff, and your customers. Enter show attendees into your contest from your phone, tablet or laptop — or scan badges and cards with any mobile device with a camera. You’ll get your own branded web app minisite for the contest/tradeshow and barcode tools.

Plan to Scan.
We’ll turn your phone into a card and badge scanner.
Hold your phone steady and get a good shot — because it will convert to editable text that is stored in your database.

Try the card scanner now.

Integrated email
Works with your existing email provider and sales software to ingest lead information to multiple platforms.
Export your data as CSV/Excel at any time.

Mailstripe account included
Mailstripe lets you use email marketing style designs in your regular email client. You can include product photos, multiple calls to action, re-purposed email or magazine ads, site navigation and other materials. You don’t need any special email services, there are no per-email fees, and the email is always coming directly from a ‘real’ outbox — your personal account.

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Solutions start at $530
Give us a call and let’s think of a unique plan for your team.

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